What are bad Chinese cars?


All motorists are divided into two categories. The first is enthusiasts and “kulibins”. They are ready to put up with the breakdowns of the car, and carry out repairs in the style of "crazy hands." The second group is the connoisseurs of their time and money. It is better for them to pay more once for high-quality transport than to lay out the state for the completion of minor malfunctions.

New or used?

Buying a car from the Chinese auto industry is always a risk. In the case of a used variant, everything is quite transparent. Something will definitely be broken in it. Therefore, this option will appeal to the driver of the first category. Everyone is happy: both the seller and the buyer.

 With a new car a little harder. While the warranty is valid, the owner of the vehicle is protected - the dealer will provide timely maintenance. But as soon as her deadline comes out, problems may appear. Either it will be a failure in the sensor, or some kind of mechanical malfunction.


One way or another, a car from China is designed for thrill-seekers. There is one understandable reason why people take such a risk. This is the cost of transport. Such cars combine an affordable price and a large selection of options for a comfortable trip.

Pros of cars from China

Like it or not, a car is a car. Instead of a long and tiring journey around the city as a pedestrian, you can save time and effort with an iron horse. And if this is a brand new “Chinese”, such a trip can even be comfortable. Everyone knows the love of Eastern nationality for plagiarism. And cars are no exception. A new family “favorite” down to the smallest detail may resemble a solid machine from Japan.

What are bad Chinese cars?

This car can afford a medium-income driver. And if there is enough money exclusively for the domestic model? The secondary market is simply filled with options for those who want something non-standard at an affordable price. And in this, the Chinese auto industry “outdid” everyone in the world.

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For example, Cherie Amulet "on the go" and even with HBO installed can be purchased for a little more than $ 1. And if you dig a little and add a couple of thousand USD, then you can find in general a "replica" of a crossover called Tiggo (first generation).

And if you stop on a brand new model, then for the cost of the budget version of VW you can buy a Chinese counterpart. Only in the second case will it be “all inclusive”. For the first couple of years with a quiet driving in the style of "grandfather", the device is enough. Then, until the “vagaries” began, the car could be sold.

What are bad Chinese cars?


Recently, the Chinese auto industry has received more and more flattering reviews. Car magazines publish quite positive reviews about the test drive of a particular model. But whatever the "odes" in their direction, the quality of the Celestial machines has not yet changed.

The body is made of thin metal. The material is poorly processed with anti-corrosion agents. Poor or too thin coat of paint. These are the most common reasons for the rapid "demise" of a single military unit.

The Chinese manufacturer is aware of these problems. But hatchbacks, kupeshki, sedans, station wagons and SUVs for every taste and color continue to enter the market. And after a few years, they simply disappear from the face of the earth due to metal corrosion.

Why doesn’t anything change “at the front”? And the answer is very simple. Buyer likes it. Cars are made at the speed of light. They are cheap. An ordinary inexperienced driver, faced with a choice between the domestic "classic" and the Chinese clone, would rather choose the second option. For one reason, it looks beautiful.


Conclusions: buy or not?

There is no doubt that every car lover decides what to do. On the one hand, Chinese cars are sold at affordable prices. The reverse side of the coin is the quality of body elements and consumables.

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But for someone who uses a car solely for fast delivery, "Chinese" is a great option. Also, this family is suitable for those who are not worried about how the car looks - the main thing is to drive. And for those who like to "squeeze all the juices" out of technology to the last drop, this is generally an ideal candidate. It is not a pity to "finish off the handle" and dispose of it. Among used-shki you can always find an alternative.

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