Cadillac Provoq: no smoke

Cadillac Provoq: no smoke

In the Provoq model, Cadillac is introducing another variant of the E-Flex platform. Eco-friendly driving will be shown at the Detroit Auto Show.

Unlike previous E-Flex models, the Provoq is not powered by a diesel engine, but uses a fuel cell principle. The electric motors of the front (70 kW) and rear axles (40 kW) have survived, as well as lithium-ion batteries as the main source of energy.

More than 480 km without harmful emissions

The fuel cell is located under the front cover, and the hydrogen tanks, which hold six kilograms, are located at the bottom of the trunk. The constant power of the fuel cell is 88 kW, and the capacity of the battery, which allows to travel 32 km, reaches 9,0 kW / h. The total distance that the car can cover is about 483 km. The Provoq accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 8,5 seconds and has a top speed of 160 km / h.

Sharp-edged body

The front end features an active pre-radiator grille, which only opens when cooling air is required. The chassis of the luxury SUV and special tires also contribute to the vehicle's low drag.

The interior of the five-seat SUV, by contrast, seduces with multi-toned leather trim, chrome and aluminum accents, and cozy lighting.




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