Former VW boss Winterkorn sues

About five years after the diesel scandal began, charges against former Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn have already been approved. The district court of Braunschweig said the former top manager of the car had enough suspicions "of commercial and brand fraud."

With regard to the other four defendants, the Competent Chamber also sees ample suspicion of both commercial and trademark fraud, as well as tax evasion in a particularly serious case. Other criminal cases were also initiated. It is not yet clear when the trial of Martin Winterkorn should begin, but it is known that the trial will be open, according to

Investigators blamed 73-year-old Martin Winterkorn for his role in the April 2019 diesel scandal. They are reporting serious fraud and unfair competition laws for manipulating the emission values ​​of many millions of vehicles across the country. World.

According to prosecutors, some VW car buyers have been misled about the nature of the cars and especially about the so-called locking device in the engine management program. As a result of the fraud, nitrogen oxide emission levels were only guaranteed on the test bench, not during normal road use. As a result, the buyers suffered financial losses, according to the district court of Braunschweig.



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