Bridgestone with the latest news in Geneva 2016

Bridgestone with the latest news in Geneva 2016

Participates with its own stand, where new items for all types of cars are presented.

High performance tire series

The show features high-quality Bridgestone Potenza S001 tires fitted to a plug-in hybrid sports car. BMW i8. Potenza S001 tires are built to deliver the power and precision of the world's fastest sports cars.

In the touring segment, Bridgestone is introducing its premium Turanza T001 tires, designed to optimize safety, comfort, durability and environmental performance. The cross-sectional visualization will show the design that is responsible for stability at high speeds and extremely smooth driving.

Also on display will be the Ecopia EP500 tires, developed using Bridgestone's revolutionary "logic" technology for superior aerodynamics and rolling resistance, as well as airless (non-pneumatic) concept tires designed to provide a fully sustainable closed loop solution in the future. ...

Return of Firestone

The left side of the stand will be dedicated to the Firestone brand and its return to Europe. With a competitive new product line and youth appeal at heart, Firestone is once again competing in the mid-range tire segment and is supported by Bridgestone across Europe as a key player in the company's multi-brand strategy.

Firestone Destination Winter: winter SUV freedom

The new Firestone Destination Winter tires, first introduced in Geneva, will be on display prior to the previous Firestone Destination HP 2014 summer tires. With an EU 'B' rating for wet grip, Destination Winter promises small and medium-sized SUV drivers the vehicles with the highest confidence level of any mid-range winter tire on offer in Europe, as well as good handling on ice and snow.

Multi season for milder, mixed winters

The show will also showcase Firestone Multiseason all-season tires, a safe solution for drivers in Europe who face unpredictable winter conditions where snow can quickly turn to rain and vice versa. With excellent wet braking, high aquaplaning resistance and proven snow grip, Multiseason tires provide safety when you need it most.

Attractive to the young at heart

The superb stand design is highlighted by the Firestone Music Tour video wall, which shows visitors how Firestone is reaching its target audience through an innovative sponsorship program for major music festivals in Europe. The event, accompanied by various activations in the hall, will help the brand to remain attractive throughout 2016.

Last but not least, a special video will follow the glorious history of Firestone at 500 miles of Indikar and Indianapolis. Firestone tires won the first Indy 500 in 1911 and will remain there when the 100th race takes place in May XNUMX. Indicar is the heart and soul of Firestone and the iconic smooth Firehawk tires.



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