Bridgestone has provided its revolutionary ENLITEN technology

• Specially manufactured Turanza Eco car tires with environmentally friendly ENLITEN technology are now available as OE for the new Volkswagen Golf 8.
• ENLITEN lightweight tire technology allows them to have extremely low drag for superior fuel efficiency and improved handling and dynamics, as well as enhanced driving pleasure.
• Following the recent announcement that Bridgestone is launching its core ENLITEN technology for the first time on Volkswagen's all-electric ID3, this marks another step forward in a long-term partnership between the two companies.

Bridgestone, a leader in modern solutions and sustainable mobility, announced today that its innovative ENLITEN lightweight tire technology can be applied to the Turanza Eco tires specially developed for the new Volkswagen Golf 8 - the eighth generation of the iconic hatchback - this time with multiple integrated tires. ... latest generation technologies. These include semi-autonomous mode, which allows the vehicle to move independently, and new suspension technology, which improves handling and driving dynamics. The specially developed Turanza Eco tires with ENLITEN technology are designed to highlight the improved driving dynamics of the Golf 8.

Bridgestone ENLITEN Technology tires provide ultra-low rolling resistance1 for superior fuel efficiency, require fewer raw materials, and are designed for maximum wet performance and wear, deliver significant environmental benefits and improve ride quality. vehicle and driving dynamics thanks to a reduced rotating table to help increase driving pleasure.

Following the recent announcement that Bridgestone is introducing its innovative ENLITEN technology for the first time in Volkswagen's all-electric ID.3 system, this is another highlight in the long-term partnership between Bridgestone and Volkswagen.

Designed to improve vehicle handling and driving dynamics

In developing its new Golf 8, Volkswagen needed a tire that offered extremely low resistance without compromising on other performance. Bridgestone, a longtime Volkswagen partner, has responded to the order by launching specially designed Turanza Eco tires with ENLITEN technology, earning the highest EU certification, class A for drag resistance, and a number of other benefits.

One of the hallmarks of this specially designed tire is its improved handling. This is due to the synergy between the unique materials used to create the ENLITEN technology and a new mixing process that improves the technology's performance during wear and tear without losing adhesion. Combined with a body profile and a full XNUMXD model design that maximizes wet and wear performance, Turanza Eco tires with ENLITEN technology provide wet grip that complies with EU Class B certification without compromising wear. These design and engineering solutions have been combined to improve the handling and enjoyment of the Volkswagen Golf 8.

Along with improved driving dynamics through lower revs, Bridgestone's new innovative lightweight tire technology sets a new standard in material savings and durability, with significant environmental benefits. ENLITEN Technology tires offer up to 30 percent lower drag than regular Bridgestone premium summer tires. This contributes to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. ENLITEN Technology tires also offer improved fuel efficiency by reducing weight by up to 20 percent over regular Bridgestone summer tires. This means that each tire requires up to 2 kg less raw material to manufacture, which is another environmental benefit in terms of both resource efficiency and durability.

Exploring the benefits of ENLITEN technology with Volkswagen

The new Turanza Eco 205 / 55R16 91H tire with ENLITEN technology, developed at the Bridgestone EMIA Research and Development Center in Rome, Italy, will be available on the European market from August 2020.
Stepstone De Block, Bridgestone EMIA Vice President of Customer Replacement and OE, spoke about the event:

“So far, we have talked about ENLITEN technology as a breakthrough in durable tires, and rightly so, but the improvements it can bring to the driving experience are also significant. Thanks to the low rolling resistance of this tire, as well as its low weight, the influence of Turanza Eco with ENLITEN technology on driving dynamics, especially on engines of lower power, becomes extremely noticeable. It is fantastic that we can realize the various benefits of ENLITEN technology - sustainability and driving pleasure - in cooperation with our long-term partner Volkswagen "while continuing to fulfill our commitment to social and customer added value such as a sustainable solutions company."



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