Brad Pitt & # 8212; what is the actor's favorite car

Brad Pitt is probably the most avid car enthusiast among the entire list of Hollywood stars. The actor's fleet consists of about 20 cars and 10 motorcycles. There are both classics and newfangled models here (for example, Chevrolet Camaro SS). Brad Pitt even has his own helicopter. However, most often the actor goes “out” in the Tesla Model S electric car.

In the actor's garage, there are two copies of Tesla Model S at once. One car is black, the second is gray. On a gray electric car, the actor recently had an accident. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Tesla Model S is a true symbol of the current green trend. Perhaps this is the most famous electric car. The vehicle is equipped with a liquid-cooled AC motor. Unit power - 362 horsepower. An electric car travels 426 kilometers on a single charge. The lower the air temperature, the faster the energy is consumed. In addition, the vehicle speed affects the range.

A feature of the car is increased comfort. First, the electric car is very quiet. Secondly, it allows you to drive comfortably on low-quality road surfaces.

Brad Pitt & # 8212; what is the actor's favorite car

The cost of the car varies from 70 to 140 thousand dollars. The exact figure depends on the modification and technical characteristics. 140 thousand dollars worth a car Tesla Model S P100D... This is an electric car with improved dynamic performance. The car accelerates to 100 km / h in 2,7 seconds. The power reserve is 507 km.

Note that Brad Pitt is one of the few Hollywood actors who prefer environmentally friendly transport. Popular among movie stars are “bad” premium cars, supercars and hypercars.



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