Bosch opens up a new market with its technologies and services

Bosch opens up a new market with its technologies and services

In 2016, sales of the company's auxiliary systems will exceed 1 billion euros.

Bosch is opening up a whole new market with its parking technologies and services. The company relies on a standard approach - it makes it easier to find a parking space and gradually automates the parking process. “The mobility of the future starts today - with intelligent parking,” said Dr. Dirk Heusel, Member of the Management Board of Robert Bosch GmbH, in his comment on the importance of new technologies. Potential customers for Bosch parking solutions include car manufacturers, parking and garage operators, and cities and municipalities around the world. The technology and service provider has already made great strides in this area, especially with automated parking and driving systems. Bosch will also set an outstanding record this year: “In 2016, our sales of driver assistance systems will exceed € 1 billion,” said Heusel. Nearly 2 Bosch engineers - 500 more than last year - are working to improve assistance systems and automated driving.

Half of the new cars on the market come with parking assistance.

Moving on to fully automatic parking, Bosch will launch a range of car parking systems in the coming years. They will help drivers park without an accident and even guide the car to parking at the touch of a button. In Germany, parking systems are the most common assistants in modern cars. According to the statistics of registered vehicles, half (52%) of the three million vehicles registered here in 2014 have a parking assistant. In other countries, the picture is similar - half of new cars in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2014 have a parking system. In the UK there are 19%. These systems are mainly based on ultrasonic sensors that have been manufactured by Bosch since 1993.

Bosch frees drivers from parking demand

For Bosch, automatic parking starts in the car, but goes much further. “With its intelligent services, Bosch is meeting the ambitious challenge of finding a free parking space to save time and reduce stress,” said Heusel. In Germany, it takes an average of 10 minutes to find a parking space. Bosch is reducing demand in two ways: First, special sensors in car parks and garages detect and report free spaces. Second, Bosch uses built-in sensors, now standard on many vehicles, to find places on the road. The information is processed in the Bosch IoT cloud and digital maps of parking spaces are generated. Drivers have access to these maps online or using their car's navigation system, which directs them directly to areas with free parking spaces. “Cars that drive directly to empty seats will also reduce pollution,” says Heusel. Today, drivers in Germany drive an average of 4,5 km each time they look for a parking spot.

In the future, attending the concert will not start with finding a parking space.

“Parking as we know it today will not be available in the future,” says Heusel. Thanks to Bosch technology, even before the end of this decade, cars will self-drive to free parking. Drivers will park their cars in the "transmission zone" in front of the parking lot and point them to their smartphones to find a free space. When they are ready to leave, they call a car and she drives alone. “When you go to a concert, your evening will no longer begin and end with a look at the parking lot,” Heusel said. The innovation is based on intelligent technologies from Bosch in the car and in the parking lot, as well as the connection between them. “Fully automated parking will become a reality before automated driving,” Heusel said. Another reason why parking will be carried out in the first place is that the legal obstacles to its implementation are easier to overcome, especially with regard to vehicle registration requirements. The necessary amendments to the regulatory laws, which in Germany are partly bound by the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, are already on the political agendas of many countries around the world.

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