More space, more golf & # 8212; world premiere of the new Golf Variant1 and Golf Alltrack2
  • The Golf Variant enters the market with a fresh and striking design based on the new eighth generation Golf.
  • Highly efficient drive systems and a wide range of functions and amenities as standard, including numerous assistance and comfort systems, are among the highlights of the new Golf Variant.
  • The new version is now 66 millimeters longer, legroom in the rear is significantly increased and the luggage compartment has increased.
  • The new Golf Alltrack with its 4Motion dual-transmission system and individual off-road design equipment also marks its market debut.

World premiere of the new Golf Variant - the compact station wagon is now even more spacious, more dynamic and offers more digital technology than ever before. Larger passenger and luggage space, extremely rich standard equipment and new drive types with mild hybrid technology, as well as dual-dose AdBlue® engines are truly at the forefront of this class. The new Golf Alltrack - the version of the Golf Variant with a dual transmission and off-road character - also marks its market premiere. Pre-sales of the Golf Variant on the German market will begin on 10 September and will gradually be sold in other European markets.

Jürgen Stockmann, Board Member of Volkswagen Cars, said: “The compact and extremely spacious Golf Variant has convinced more than 3 million customers with its qualities since the first generation entered the market in 1993. The latest generation of the model, striking with its beautiful design and the most modern instrument panel in its market segment, takes a giant step forward in terms of digitalization. In addition, it meets extremely high standards through efficient driving, maximum safety and significantly more space - all making it the ideal family car. For their part, fans of more dynamic models will surely like the new Golf Alltrack. Acting as a crossover between the Golf Variant and SUV, it offers the perfect combination of interior space, technological innovation and driving and off-road pleasure thanks to its efficient dual transmission system. ”

Attractive appearance. Compared to the previous generation, the exterior of the new Golf Variant features sharper and more dynamic lines. The front end layout clearly demonstrates a close relationship with the new eighth generation Golf, but the rest of the Variant's body shows its typical and unique features, including a distinctive roofline that is lowered and flattened at the rear and is sloped. for a sports coupe, the location of the rear window. The total length of the new generation reaches 4633 millimeters, and the wheelbase of the Variant is now 2686 millimeters (66 millimeters longer than the previous model). Increasing the overall length alters the proportions and gives the Variant a more elongated and low silhouette. The new generation headlamps and taillights consistently use LED technology.

Ample interior space. The increase in overall length and wheelbase naturally has a positive effect on the interior dimensions of the new Golf Variant. The extra length in terms of wheelbase is almost entirely used to increase the space in the cabin, in which five passengers can comfortably travel. Overall, interior length has increased by 48 millimeters to 1779 millimeters, and since this automatically resulted in 48 millimeters of legroom, the added volume has a particularly marked positive effect on comfort, especially for rear passengers.
The luggage compartment also has an impressive volume - using the space next to the upper edge of the backrest, it offers a usable volume of 611 liters (6 liters more than the Golf Variant 7). With the bulkhead roof fully loaded and space up to the front seat backrests, usable volume is increased to an incredible 1642 liters, 22 liters more than the previous generation. When both hands are busy with shopping or other heavy luggage, the optional electric tailgate opening touch control can also be activated with a light movement of your foot in front of the rear bumper of the Golf Variant.

New drive systems offer pure efficiency. A prime example in this regard is the eTSI with 48V technology and the 7-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission, such as the 48V belt-driven starter-generator, 48V lithium-ion battery and the state-of-the-art TSI engine combine to form a new high-performance mild hybrid drive system. Among the main advantages of the new eTSI is significantly lower fuel consumption, as the Golf Variant shuts down the direct injection turbocharged petrol engine whenever possible to switch to inertia with zero flow and zero local emissions. To take advantage of this advantage, all eTSI engines are combined as standard with a dual-clutch automatic transmission (7-speed DSG) - without DSG capabilities, an almost imperceptible shift between inertia and TSI engagement would be impossible. In addition, the 7-speed DSG gearbox controls gear changes very economically, optimally conserving momentum and driving energy in any driving situation. Of course, the new generation Golf Variant is also available with state-of-the-art TDI engines with so-called "double metering" - double injection of AdBlue® and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system for selective reduction of emissions with two catalysts, which significantly reduces emissions. nitric oxide (NOx) and makes the soon available TDI engines some of the cleanest and most efficient diesel engines in the world.

A new level of equipment and a wide range of standard features and amenities. Volkswagen has completely redesigned the equipment levels for the Golf Variant, and the Life, Style and R-Line equipment lines are now located above the basic Golf version. Expanded standard features on the base model now include Lane Assist for lane departure warning, Front Assist with driver emergency stop support City Emergency Braking System and pedestrian monitoring, a new automatic braking system. in the event of a collision with an oncoming vehicle when turning at an intersection, XDS electronic differential lock, Car2X roadside warning system, convenient Keyless Start system for keyless start and automatic lighting control. The standard interior of the new model includes the Digital Cockpit Pro digital control unit, the Composition interactive infotainment system with an 8,25-inch touchscreen, a set of online services and functions We Connect and We Connect Plus, a multifunction steering wheel, automatic Air Care. Climatronic and Bluetooth interface for connecting mobile phones.

The self-contained version of the new generation is the new Golf Alltrack. The second generation Golf Alltrack celebrates its market premiere at the same time as the new Golf Variant. As a kind of crossover between the Golf Variant and popular SUV models, the new Golf Alltrack features 4MOTION standard all-wheel drive, increased ground clearance and a distinctive off-road design with special bumper design and custom performance. interior. With this equipment, the new model exhibits surprisingly versatile qualities and is fully effective off-road. At the same time, thanks to the dual transmission system, the Golf Alltrack is suitable for towing heavy loads with a permissible weight of up to 2000 kg. In all other technological aspects, the Golf Alltrack matches the characteristics of the new Golf Variant - in addition to the fully digital instrument cluster, it includes additional assistance systems such as Travel Assist (assistance for driving at speeds up to 210 km / h) and a new matrix LED system at the front ... lights up IQ.LIGHT.

Successful model. The Golf Variant has been an integral part of the Golf product line since 1993 and boasts an estimated 3 million vehicles sold over the years. To date, there are only five generations of the model, each of which is technologically based on a hatchback version of the corresponding Golf generation. This model is designed to meet the needs of the brand's customers around the world and is currently being manufactured at Volkswagen's plant in Wolfsburg, Germany.



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