BMW XNUMX Series: Let there be light

BMW XNUMX Series: Let there be light

BMW XNUMX Series: Let there be light

The Bavarian flagship is now equipped with headlights that automatically adjust the length and angle of its beams in relation to the road. When climbing or descending, sensors register the terrain and adjust the headlights to suit them.

At the request of the customer, the Bavarians equip the seventh series with adaptive lighting, taking into account not only the slope of the body from the possible load, but also the terrain. As a result of optimization, the road is always lit in the best possible way, and the oncoming driver is not blinded by the "glowing" xenon lamps of the "week".

The system uses sensors that "sense" the continuation of the roadway, and then, based on the instantaneous values ​​of the vehicle's speed and acceleration, the computer calculates the ideal configuration of the lightweight components.

While other manufacturers are also banking on smart lighting, the seventh series is the only car with headlights that match the terrain.




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