BMW introduces autopilot in 2016.

BMW introduces autopilot in 2016.

The test prototype has already covered tens of thousands of kilometers on European roads.

German company BMW plans to introduce an autonomous control system in 2016. The presentation of the autopilot may take place on March 7 during the official ceremony dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the brand, according to Autocar.

At a briefing in London, the head of sales and marketing Ian Robertson hinted that the company has ready-made cutting-edge developments, which the company does not intend to share now: “We will present new projects at the holiday, but I will not tell you what exactly.

Earlier it was reported that BMW is testing the new system in China. The principle of the autopilot is not fundamentally different from that of Google and is based mainly on data from a satellite and a navigation system. The prototype has already traveled tens of thousands of kilometers on European roads, and in China, the system is being tested on complex road junctions at several levels.

The new BMW 7 Series, which debuted in 2015, has already received several systems that will be part of the Bavarian autopilot. In particular, a new autonomous vehicle can only be driven without a driver at low speeds, such as when parking or on the move.




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