Test drive BMW 330d xDrive Gran Turismo: marathon runner


First meeting with the updated Gran Turismo troika BMW

If you are one of those who love to travel, you simply cannot help but appreciate the exceptional pleasure that these cars deliver on the road - be it short, medium, long or even ultra-long journeys.

Despite the fact that many dislike it for its capricious design, the Gran Turismo Five is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable cars on the planet and in this respect is very close to the Series 7 of the Bavarians.

Test drive BMW 330d xDrive Gran Turismo: marathon runner

On the other hand, its younger cousin, the Gran Turismo troika, has enjoyed the sympathy of most fans of the brand since its inception, as the body line is much closer to what we're used to from a Munich-based company.

A good car just got better

After a partial model update, the Gran Turismo Troika now boasts a redesigned exterior, most impressed by the new LED headlights. Most of the modifications are more cosmetic in nature, but it is a fact that the car looks kind of rejuvenated.

Inside, we expect better quality plastics, more chrome and new customization options with decorative appliqués. The ergonomics are still intuitive, and the infotainment system is now close to the capabilities known from the "five" and "seven".

Test drive BMW 330d xDrive Gran Turismo: marathon runner

The design has retained its clean, classic shapes, and the cozy feel is accentuated by a pleasantly high but not too high waist. At the rear, legroom even surpasses the Series 5 - thanks to the wheelbase increased by 11 centimeters compared to other versions of the "triple", it feels, without exaggeration, like in a luxury limousine.

Thanks to the triple folding rear seats, the capacity and functionality of the luggage compartment is almost equal to the models of middle class station wagons.

Long range satellite

Only on the road does this BMW model reveal its essence in its entirety. Indeed, the truth is that the Gran Turismo Troika offers the driver and his companions the peace and comfort that is more characteristic of the fifth series, and in some respects may even surpass it.

Test drive BMW 330d xDrive Gran Turismo: marathon runner

The exceptional smoothness with which the chassis absorbs any irregularities, combined with the equally remarkable harmony in tandem operation between the in-line six-cylinder diesel engine and the eight-speed automatic transmission, as well as the fantastic interior noise make driving description difficult.

This is one of those rare representatives of the automotive industry, with which traveling becomes a pleasant experience, and kilometers fly by completely unnoticed, regardless of their number.

If you ask, the 330d xDrive Gran Turismo can quickly remind you of Bayerische Motoren Werke's sports car tradition - the handling is truly impressive for a car of the same size and weight, and the dynamic potential of the famous inline-six is ​​at least as respectful as its excellent acoustics.



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