Dipped beam - must be on!


Since 2007, the dipped headlights in our country must be on all the time.. This is a safety issue for all road users. Often you don’t even have to think about how to turn on the low beam, because cars do it automatically. However, if your new car does not have such a mechanism, you must find the right button! Dipped beam and daylight differ in power and purpose - the latter cannot be used after dark.. What else do you need to know about this vehicle component?

Dipped beam is a symbol that is easy to recognize

You may be wondering which lights are those near beams. After all, in every vehicle there is more than one type! Luckily, the low beam symbol is so unique that it's easy to recognize. It looks like a slightly swollen triangle inverted to the left with five rays (lines) pointing down. Often appears on a black background and has a green color, but this depends on the specific vehicle and its upholstery. 

The low beam indicator is easily accessible on every model, but if you can't find it, read the owner's manual for your car model. Be sure to do this before you go on tour. It is extremely important to know how to turn them on and off. 

High beam and low beam - what's the difference?

Low beam is the one you use the most. In turn, the road is often called long. They are used to better illuminate the route at night. However, if you see vehicles approaching from the opposite direction, turn on your headlights immediately. When you are alone again, you can return to the previous ones. Why? High beam headlights can blind people in front of you or behind you. Use them carefully!

Side lights and dipped beam — it's not the same thing!

Side lights and dipped beam differ significantly from each other, primarily in function. The former are intended only to improve the visibility of the vehicle, for example, when it is stationary. Therefore, they shine wider and when driving on the road, on the one hand, they may not sufficiently illuminate the roadway, and on the other, interfere with other road users. Therefore, use them only for their intended purpose, and use the dipped beam headlights daily. 

When to turn on the low beam? almost always!

The safest answer to the question of when to turn on the low beam: always. However, there are of course some exceptions. If your vehicle is equipped with daytime running lights, you can use them if visibility is good. Also, whatever the circumstances, you must keep them lit. This makes your car visible and a sudden change in the weather won't make you instantly invisible. Dipped beam must always be in working condition!

Low Beam Lamp - Hardware Setup

Like any other light bulb, the dipped beam bulb can simply burn out or fail. Therefore, try to always have something in stock so that you can easily replace it. Also, do not forget that the low beam setting is extremely important. For many drivers, they are too high or too low, which negatively affects driving comfort and safety. So ask a mechanic to check their setting. 

Low beam can make a big difference to your safety on the road!

How many headlights are in the car?

How much low beam happens depends on the specific car model. However, they usually appear in pairs at the front of the car. Sometimes the light illuminating the board is also considered to be such a light. Remember that if your low beam headlights are not fully functional, you cannot drive a car.. Take care of your own and other people's safety - make sure that the lighting in your car works every day!

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