Safe Internal Combustion Engine for Kids - A Guide for the Responsible Parent


For people who have an area where you can drive small two-wheelers, an internal combustion car for kids is an interesting choice. Why? On the one hand, such a toy is a complete combustion machine. On the other hand, it is used not only for entertainment but also for education. And all this under the watchful eye of the parent. What children's bikes can be bought?

Motorcycle for children - what kind of car are we talking about?

Let's be clear - we're not talking about two-wheelers with big, powerful engines. Young children who do not yet have the opportunity to obtain an AM driver's license can ride mopeds up to 50cc off the public road.

Interestingly, children as young as eight can compete in motocross if they have a participant license. A children's motorcycle, mini-quad or cross motor designed for such entertainment will not have a displacement of more than 50 cm³.

Electric motorcycle for a child - where should he ride?

The child cannot get a driver's license yet, so he remains off-road. This may sound a little exotic, but what it really means is using the scooter on vacant lots or in private areas like your own.

Therefore, if a young gasoline mechanic does not have such sites around the house, buying a motorbike for a child is probably not the best idea.

Safe Internal Combustion Engine for Kids - A Guide for the Responsible Parent

Motorcycle and ATV for children - why is it safe?

A children's cross bike will be safe, because it is adapted to the needs of the smallest:

  • seat height;
  • engine power.

First of all, such designs have a low landing. Usually it does not exceed 600 mm, although the KTM model may be an exception. Thanks to this, even children of 5-7 years old can easily stay on their feet when parking. Power is another matter - single-cylinder engines do not differ in excessive power, usually their power is a maximum of 4-5 hp. This power is enough to master the technique of off-road driving by a little boy or girl.

Internal combustion motorcycles for children and driving lessons

What else contributes to maintaining security? Children's motorcycle usually has:

  • Automatic transmission;
  • brakes located on the steering wheel;
  • throttle position adjustment or riding modes. 

All this so that the child can ride without worrying about how to change gears. As a parent, you can also adjust the bike's power and tailor it to your child's skills.

Safe Internal Combustion Engine for Kids - A Guide for the Responsible Parent

What else do you need to buy besides a motorcycle?

Dump truck, pebbles and branches can effectively make driving difficult and scare away the little rider. Therefore, equip him not only with the right car to drive, but also with clothes. The absolute basis is a helmet and goggles, because off-road is dust, dust and dirt. A jacket, trousers and boots will also come in handy. Gloves will also come in handy. A child prepared in this way can confidently ride off-road under your supervision.

Motorcycles for children - a few selected models

So many theories. Now let's move on to a review of the most interesting proposals. And, contrary to appearances, there is no shortage of them. Our list includes models of well-known brands:

  • Yamaha;
  • Honda;
  • KTM.
Safe Internal Combustion Engine for Kids - A Guide for the Responsible Parent

Yamaha TT-R50E

You look at this mini-cross and you already understand that you are dealing with a Japanese-made motorcycle. If you could, you would sit on it yourself, it's so cocky. However, the seat is suitable for your child because it is set at a height of just over 550mm. There is a 4-stroke engine and a 3-speed gearbox here that are a lot of fun. This is a great vehicle for kids aged 4-7.

Yamaha PW50

This scooter for kids is a bit more "candy". It doesn't really look like a Thoroughbred, but that doesn't mean you can't go crazy over it. The low seat position (485 mm) and low weight (40 kg) make it an excellent starter trainer for toddlers.

Honda CR-F50F

Lest you think this article is sponsored by Yamaha, there is a Honda offering here. And in principle, this is the most popular motorbike for a small child. The seat is comfortable and the styling is typically crossover. In addition, the 4-stroke engine and low weight of 47 kg make the bike ideal for off-road riding.


It's no secret to an expert on the subject that KTM is one of the leaders in the cross-country market. Not surprisingly, small cars can have typical cross-country performance if only used off-road.

Although the seat is the tallest of them all (684mm), this internal combustion engine for kids gives them an automatic transmission and power control. That is why it is a great option for the smallest, who at the same time are not the smallest.

Children's tricycle - for the sake of balance

Before buying a new vehicle, make sure that your child will not have balance problems. It may turn out that a three-wheeler, for example, on batteries, will be the best solution. Of course, this is a completely different dimension of fun and a child will not go into the field with it. However, until the child has mastered the basic techniques of riding, it may be better to refrain from a typical cross bike. A children's tricycle is equipment with which you will not worry about your child's balance.

Or maybe a mini petrol speeder for kids?

A mini speeder is a good choice for driving around a yard, paved or paved asphalt. You can't ride it off-road, but it's a lot of fun right at home, where you'll be babysitting. The design is also based on a tiny single-cylinder engine, so you can not be afraid that the technique will be too powerful for children.

Decide on a motorcycle for children? The choice is yours, although a lot depends on your child. Be aware that a slight fall may occur while driving. However, this forms the character and the will to fight! Motorcycles are safe for children, so if your child likes the roar of the engine, do not hesitate and choose, for example, one of the models we have proposed.

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