Bentley Flying Spur gets a carbon sports package

The new set includes a splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and spoiler.

The new generation of the sedan Bentley The Flying Spur, introduced last summer, has managed to get the First Edition, a four-seater sedan and XNUMXD wood trim. The Carbon Styling Specification has now been added to the options catalog to highlight the sporty character of the four-door. Previously, a similar kit was prepared for other models of the brand.

The new kit includes a splitter, side skirts, a rear diffuser and a spoiler. All handmade.

The new parts are made from carbon fiber, and the metal 3D Bentley badges on the sills are electroplated.

Styling specification changes not only the appearance of the car. This really helps improve aerodynamics. When developing it, engineers used digital hydrodynamic methods. In addition, all new parts have been tested for compatibility and possible impact on the vehicle's antennas and sensors so that they do not interfere. The computer also helped design the body kit to eliminate parasitic vibration and noise. And the shape of the finished product is checked by a scanner.

The car is equipped with a W12 6.0 TSI engine (635 hp, 900 Nm), a fully steerable chassis, an eight-speed robotic transmission with two clutches and an all-wheel drive, where during normal driving 100% of the traction comes from the rear. wheels, and only in some cases does the electronics transmit part of the torque forward.

The new package can now be ordered from the official dealers of the brand: it can be purchased together with the already purchased car, or the buyer can choose the car with it. Such a set will add personality until the British release something completely different. By the way, the Flying Spur Speed ​​prototype has already been tested, from which we expect 680 hp. and charging from the mains. It is likely that such a car will receive a hybrid power plant based on a 4.0 eight-cylinder biturbo engine.



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