Motorists, take care of your nerves


More recently, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Structures of Ukraine announced its work on a new draft "Law on technical inspection". This bill provides for regular technical inspection of vehicles involved in traffic. It was put up for public discussion.

It is assumed that motorists will take an active part in helping to find gaps in the law and suggest their options for improving it. Our source, in turn, warns of the imminent return of active checks on the roads, which will take a lot of nerves and money from motorists.

Law in its "raw" form

When creating this project, Ukrainian legislators relied on the European Union Directive, which regulates the rules for the implementation of the OTC. According to her, commercial vehicles are subject to such a mandatory roadside inspection. It is worth noting that in the Ukrainian bill, the norms are spelled out in such a way that all cars of Ukrainian registration will undergo this extraordinary quality control department.

Motorists, take care of your nerves

Such ambiguity of the law does not bode well for car lovers in Ukraine, because many drivers recall with fear the old days when such checks were carried out by the state traffic police. When stopping the car, the inspectors demanded that the driver put the car on the parking brake. Its serviceability was checked with a strong kick into the bumper. But the situation on the roads did not change at all, the city traffic was flooded with emergency carriages with a technical inspection coupon on the windshield.

How will the check take place

It is still not known for certain who will carry out such checks. It will be the patrol police or specially trained experts.

What will be checked:

  • availability of a certificate of quality control department;
  • quick inspection of the condition of the car;
  • car diagnostics using technical measuring equipment;
  • checking the elimination of car malfunctions previously detected.

For the next three months, the car is not subject to further checks, but the driver may be stopped again to see if the car was checked yesterday. Thus, traffic participants will be subject to constant stops by law enforcement agencies.



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