Celebrity Cars: Eminem's Legendary Dodge Super Bee

You are probably used to the fact that the stars buy new-fangled cars, “stuffed” with high technologies, into their fleet? Marshall Mathers stands out among colleagues: Eminem is the owner Dodge Super Bee 1970 release.

Despite its venerable age, the car looks “fresh”. Previously, the star owner loved to take pictures with him.

The car appeared on the market in 1968, that is, Eminem has one of the first copies of this Dodge model. It is a two-door coupe with four seats. Variations were made with multiple engines. They did not differ too much in characteristics. The motors have “on board” about 700 horsepower. The average volume is 7 liters.

In 1970, only 15 thousand cars were manufactured. Most of them have not survived to this day. Dodge Super Bee was highly appreciated by the public. The manufacturer even later released 4 varieties of convertibles based on this model, but little is known about their fate.

For obvious reasons, Eminem does not often roll out his legendary iron horse. It is more of a museum piece than a vehicle. It's scary to imagine how much this Dodge Super Bee will cost if the rapper decides to put it up for sale: the legendary car, “seasoned” with the owner's stardom, must be converted into a huge amount.



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