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Anti-rain for the car provides improved visibility through the windshield during heavy rainfall. This tool allows you to facilitate the work of the wipers, and not so often change the rubber bands on them. Currently, a large number of different anti-rains for car glass are presented in stores. Some of them work better, others have no effect at all. also such a tool can be made by hand using solvent and paraffin (usually, a regular candle).

If you have had experience using this or that anti-rain agent, please write about it in the comments. This will help other car owners make a choice.

How anti-rain works

One of the recent articles on our portal describes the effect of anti-fog products. In short, we can say that its basic task is to increase the wettability of the inner surface of the glass. Anti-rain agent opposite designed to reduce the wettability of its outer surface. This is achieved through the use of polymers and silicones in their composition with the use of additional organic compounds (including flavors).

The solvent is needed to give the agent a liquid or gaseous state. After applying the composition to the glass surface, it evaporates, and only the mentioned polymers remain on it. It is they who form a reliable water-repellent (hydrophobic) film that effectively removes water, allowing it to roll over the surface.

However, the use of such a simple idea has its own shortcomings. They are especially relevant for inexpensive and / or low-quality water repellents. First of all, it is about transparency this film. After all, if it is very oily or poorly transmitting light, this is already a deterioration in visibility or a direct threat to the driver and passengers. The second aspect is efficiency. It depends on the components used in the anti-rain composition. It is they that allow you to effectively remove water from the surface of the glass or not to do so. The third aspect is durability. The protective film should work effectively for as long as possible.

Name of fundsTransparency, scoreWetting angle before washing, degreesWetting angle after washing, degreesPackage volume, mlPrice as of the end of 2021, rubles
Turtle Wax ClearVue Rain Repellent1009996300530
Aquapelno datano datano dataDisposable ampoule1890
Hi-Gear Rain Guard1008783118; 236; 473250 ... 780
Liqui Moly Fix-Klar rain deflector1008079125780
K2 Vizio Plus10010579200350
Lavrno datano datano data185250
Mannol Antiaqua rain deflector10010078100100
Abro Clear View10011099103240
Runway Rain Guard1009492200160
"BBF Antirain"1008577250140
The wetting angle is the angle between the glass surface and the tangent drawn along the droplet surface closest to the glass.

The three factors listed are fundamental in choosing one or another means of anti-rain for car glass. In addition, of course, it is worth considering the price, the amount of the drug in the package, the brand rating, ease of use, and so on.

The best anti-rain for car glass

Before moving on to the anti-rain rating for a car, you need to mention a few words about their packaging. Thus, these funds are implemented in the form liquids in bottles, spray cans, as well as sponges (napkins)impregnated with said composition. However, the most popular types of packaging are vials and sprays due to the fact that they are the most convenient to use.

The following rating of anti-rain products for car glass is based on reviews and numerous test reports found on the Internet. And the purpose of this list is to identify the most effective anti-rain, a description of the advantages and benefits of some of these compounds.

Turtle Wax ClearVue Rain Repellent

Manufacturer - Turtle Wax Ltd., UK (another, "folk", the name of this tool is "turtle"). One of the most popular tools. Since, as a result of tests, the preparation shows good efficiency and high film resistance. Antirain is intended for processing machine glasses. it is also allowed to process plastic lanterns and headlights with it.

The instructions indicate that the first time it is better to process the glass twice. However, often on the network you can find the opinion that the third processing will not be superfluous. It is better to use anti-rain with gloves (preferably medical). The effect is guaranteed to last for 1-2 months.

Article - FG6538. The price of a 300 ml bottle at the end of 2021 is about 530 rubles.



This is a very original anti-rain, produced in the United States. According to its creators, it uses nanotechnology to do without the traditional wax and polymers found in such formulations. Anti-rain comes in an ampoule and an applicator, with which it is applied to the glass surface.

Pay attention to three important facts! First, the product can be applied no later than 15 minutes after opening the ampoule. Second, it cannot be used with conventional cleaners containing wax and/or polymers. Third - it cannot be used with plastic surfaces. It is intended only for application on the windshield/side glass! When applying the agent, the ambient air temperature should be within +10°…+50°С and relative air humidity up to 60%. also do not apply this anti-rain under direct sunlight.

A distinctive feature of the tool is its long life - 6 six times longer than traditional products. Be sure to remove from the glass not only dirt, but also greasy and bituminous stains before application.

One ampoule of the product is enough to treat one windshield and two side windows. It is recommended to process 2 ... 3 times. Article - 83199415467. Price - 1890 rubles.


Hi-Gear Rain Guard

also one popular American anti-rain. Positioned as one of the market leaders. The water repellent is made on the basis of polymer compounds. It can be used for processing glass, plastic surfaces of headlights, as well as car body. Prevents dirt from sticking to windows, improves wiper performance and prolongs the life of their rubber bands. can also be used for domestic purposes, such as window glass processing.

It is sold in three packages - a trigger with a volume of 473 ml, and in bottles of 236 and 118 ml. The article number of the smallest package is HG5624. Its price is approximately 250 rubles, and the largest - 780 rubles.


Liqui Moly Fix-Klar rain deflector

Under the brand name Liquid Moli, a huge amount of machine chemistry is produced, including anti-rain. In addition to removing liquid from glass, the product is used to remove traces of insects, as well as frost and snow.

In addition to machine glasses, it can also be used on the visors of motorcycle and other helmets. Apply only on clean and dry surfaces! The recommended frequency of application of anti-rain is once a month. One bottle is enough for 3-4 applications. You need to store only at a positive temperature! Rubbed dry after 10 minutes exposure.

It is sold in a volume of 125 ml. The article is 7505. The price of Fix-Klar Regen-Abweiser will be 780 rubles.

K2 Vizio Plus

Produced in Poland. It has an aggregate form of an aerosol, it is sold in an appropriate 200 ml can. The manufacturer claims that water is drained from the car glass already at a speed of 55 km / h. But in numerous forums you can find conflicting statements from the complete rejection of the remedy to admiration. However, given its low price, it is still recommended for use.

You can apply anti-rain not only on the windshield, but also on headlights, mirrors, and so on. Note! After application, excess is removed with a damp cloth.. The price of the said balloon is about 350 rubles.


this defogger belongs to the middle price range and shows satisfactory performance. It is positioned as an anti-rain with a dirt-repellent effect. Can be used with windshields, side windows and car headlights. In everyday life, it can be used to process shower doors. Facilitates the work of rubber bands of wipers and their drive mechanisms. Anti-rain should only be applied to a dry and clean surface.

Sold in a 185 ml bottle. The packing reference is LN1615. The price is 250 rubles.

Mannol Antiaqua rain deflector

Produced by SCT GmbH (Germany). It can be used not only on glass, but also on plastic surfaces (namely, on car headlights). The layer formed by the polymers of the agent has water and dirt-repellent properties.

The tool is highly effective, but there is a small film thickness. Because of this, anti-rain has to be applied more often than other similar products. So, one glass treatment is enough for 4…5 weeks with little precipitation. It is sold in a 100 ml package, but it is already quite difficult to find it on sale. The price is 100 rubles.

Abro Clear View

Manufactured in the United States by the respective company of the same name. Anti-rain is a liquid in a can, which must be applied to the surface of machine glass with the help of a spray. According to reviews of motorists, it has a good protective effect.

Before application, be sure to wash and wipe dry the glass. Anti-rain can be used only for external windows (cannot be used for surfaces in enclosed spaces). It shows high efficiency, but the density and film thickness are quite low. Therefore, it is often necessary to process the surface of the glass.

Supplied in a 103 ml bottle. Its price is 240 rubles.

Runway Rain Guard

Produced on the territory of the Russian Federation. The composition is based on silicones, which allow you to create a sliding coating that facilitates the work of wipers. It is positioned as a tool that not only allows you to get rid of moisture on the glass, but also prevents the appearance of ice and dirt on it. The effectiveness of the product is high, and at the same time there is a high film thickness and its resistance to mechanical stress. Therefore, it retains a protective effect for a long time.

Sold in a 200 ml bottle. Article RW2008. The price of the mentioned bottle is 160 rubles.

"BBF Antirain"

Inexpensive, not very effective anti-rain in the form of a spray (sold in the form of a push-button spray). It has the same properties as those listed above. namely, its function is to protect the glass surface from water and dirt. However, its efficiency leaves much to be desired, and the film thickness is average. Therefore, you can buy it only if you save money.

The volume of the can is 250 ml. Its price is 140 rubles.

How to apply anti-rain liquid

It is immediately worth noting that before applying a particular product, you need to carefully read its instructions for use. After all, only the manufacturer knows exactly in what sequence and what methods and means to use. However, as practice shows, most anti-rains are applied to the glass surface in approximately the same way.

A good option would be to polish the glass surface before applying anti-rain.

The first thing you should remember is - apply anti-rain to a clean and dry surface. That is, it is desirable to perform the procedure after washing the car or at least thoroughly cleaning the glass, including using special cleaning agents. It is necessary to remove not only dust and dirt, but also greasy stains that may occur on the glass. After performing the cleaning procedure, the surface must be thoroughly wiped dry with a rag.

Second, the application process should performed in conditions where there is no high humidity and exposure to direct sunlight. A garage, workshop or parking lot is best suited for this. After applying the anti-rain, the machine can be used immediately (removing the remnants of the product with a rag). However, what you should be aware of - during the first day you can not use the wipers.

In the warm season, anti-rain has a longer effect, so it can be applied less often. And vice versa, in winter (during the cold season of the year), this time is reduced, so it becomes necessary to re-apply the hydrophobic preparation.

An interesting feature of the mentioned anti-rains is that they action has a cumulative effect. That is, the longer a car enthusiast uses anti-rain (for example, regularly applies it to the surface of a windshield for several years), the more visible the result of its use.

The application process itself is not difficult. it is the anti-rain that needs to be applied evenly on the surface and rubbed. The key word in this case is "uniform". After 10 ... 15 minutes with dry rags you need to remove the remnants of the product and polish the glass well. Due to the simplicity of the procedure, it can be completely carried out on your own without seeking help from the service station.

Anti-rain products for cars can be used not only to apply it to the surface of the windshield, but also it can be applied to the side windows, side mirrors, headlights, as well as the body of the car.

How to make do-it-yourself anti-rain

There are several folk recipes for anti-rain, which you can cook with your own hands. The most popular of them is to prepare the appropriate remedy from paraffin (usually a household candle is used to obtain it) and some solvent (most often, white spirit is used for these purposes, as a simple and affordable remedy). also, instead of paraffin, stearin or wax can be used, from which candles are also made. As for the thinner, paint thinners (for example, thinner 646) can be used instead of mineral spirits.

In general terms, we can say that you need to mix paraffin and white spirit in a ratio of 1:10 (for example, 10 grams of paraffin and 100 grams of solvent). And after that, warm up the composition in order to stir the paraffin better and faster.

Observe the rules of fire and chemical safety! Do not overheat the solvent very much and use personal protective equipment. White spirit has a pungent smell, so all work must be carried out in a well-ventilated area!

The resulting home-made anti-rain for car glass is applied in the same way as factory products. That is, you must first clean the surface of the glass. After approximately 10 minutes, when the solvent has evaporated, the paraffin residues must be carefully removed from the glass surface with a rag or cotton pads and polished (however, do not overdo it, so that its thin layer still remains there).

Anti-rain for the car


Such a hydrophobic coating has one big drawback - cloudy stains or a halo may remain on the glass, which impairs visibility. Therefore, instead of this method of imparting water-repellent properties to glass, PMS-100 silicone oil is often used, or even a corny cap of fabric softener (“Lenor”) is poured into the glass washer tank.

If it is silicone oil or silicone grease (which is based on such silicone), then you only need to apply a few drops to the rubber bands of the wipers, and then rub a little over its entire area. When you turn on the wipers, they themselves will smear the silicone film on the glass surface. Moreover, such a procedure will also be very useful for the rubber bands themselves (they will become more elastic and will be better cleaned). But still, it is better if you rub the PMS-100 or PMS-200 oil well on the glass with a rag.

And when there is absolutely no desire to bother with processing, but I would like to see the road better in heavy rain, sometimes they even use household fabric softener. It has been repeatedly noticed by car owners that if you add one cap of Lenora to 3 liters of water and pour such a mixture into the glass washer reservoir, then when you turn on the wipers and wash with water from the nozzles, the windshield is much cleaner, and precipitation flows better from it.

What is the conclusion?

Anti-rain for cars is a good way to improve visibility through the windshield, especially when driving on the highway at high speed (when using it in the city, the effect is not so noticeable). also with its help, the operation of the rubber bands of the wipers is facilitated and the squeak of the wipers is eliminated. That is, they work more efficiently, and they will need to be changed less often.

However, one should not expect a miracle from anti-rain. As practice shows, anti-rain is effective only when the car is moving at high speed. As for the choice or other means, it all depends on the availability of anti-rains on store shelves (including logistics in different regions of the country), their price, volume and brand. Try to buy anti-rain in trusted stores in order to minimize the risk of buying a fake.

If you want to save money, then a great solution in this vein would be to make the mentioned tool with your own hands. It will cost you much less, and in terms of efficiency, home-made anti-rain is almost as good as factory products. However, when making it, remember the above safety measures!

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