Alexander Kerzhakov is one of the best Russian football players of the 21st century. He holds records for the number of goals for the national team and Zenit. During his career, Alexander earned a lot of money, but never invested in the purchase of supercars. At the moment, the coach of the youth team of Russia drives the elegant Lexus GX460.

This is a mid-size executive SUV. It appeared on the market back in 2002 and still does not lose relevance. Of course, over 18 years, the model has been repeatedly updated.

This car is universal. It feels great both on the city highway and on a dirt country road. Auto allows the driver to choose the nature of the surface on which the car will have to go: for example, bumps, stones. The system automatically selects the optimal settings for a particular situation. Some drivers like to compare driving to Lexus GX460 with a computer game: you only need to choose the settings and enjoy, the obedient car will do the rest.

The model is equipped with an eight-cylinder engine with a power of 296 hp. The maximum torque is 438 Nm. The maximum speed of an SUV is 175 km / h. Not the most outstanding indicator, but the car is not positioned as very dynamic. To 100 km / h, the Lexus GX460 accelerates in 8,3 seconds.


The car looks courageous, elegant and to some extent even aggressive. Great “male” choice. It remains to express respect to Alexander for the fact that he remained faithful to the classics and did not “fall for” the bright-fashioned bright models that the young generation of football players love so much.



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