5 cars that Russian men are afraid of like fire


There are two major concerns among used car owners. The first is traffic accidents. The second is to buy a capricious car. These are the cars that Russians bypass in the seventh ways.


5 cars that Russian men are afraid of like fire

Chinese copy Toyota Allion differs from its Japanese “sitter” only in small nuances. For example, a 1,5 liter engine is identical to its counterpart, except for a reduced piston stroke. This difference is 0,1 millimeters.

At first glance, this is a good alternative to broken foreign cars sold in the secondary market. But the most common problem with all Chinese cars made in the early 2000s is build quality. Underhardened parts, insufficient anti-corrosion treatment, thin paintwork. Such shortcomings have moved the brand to the very bottom of the rating of cars that can be bought “on hand”.


5 cars that Russian men are afraid of like fire

Another car from the Middle Kingdom. The very first enemy of the brand is the road of the post-Soviet countries. Car owners note the same low-quality assembly. One of the weakest points is the rear beam. It will need to be changed frequently if the vehicle is to be used on country roads.

Among other disadvantages of the model are poor noise insulation and rubber seals. In winter, at temperatures below 10 frost in the trunk, a layer of frost forms half a centimeter. When the car warms up, this plaque melts, forming puddles. After ten months of operation, rusty spots appear on the body of a new car.

Although cheap consumables tempt motorists to think about purchasing this car.


5 cars that Russian men are afraid of like fire

Another car enthusiast's nightmare is beautiful on the outside, but "scary" on the inside. Despite being built in France (not Chinese), the engine is very delicate. You cannot ride it without warming up at idle. And that doesn't help much. Six months of operation - and the capital of the engine in the pipe. The motor starts to triple.

Representatives of this brand are equipped with a problematic automatic transmission. It gets very hot in summer. Plus, sensor failures are often observed. There are countless little things that annoy you. Cars purchased from dealerships will be serviced. But models on the secondary market are dangerous - there are many pitfalls.


5 cars that Russian men are afraid of like fire

Stylish, original and ergonomic Frenchman liked the car enthusiasts. A nimble hatchback with low fuel consumption and a cool interior. But he will definitely show his "character". Moreover, this will always be an extreme degree.

First, the multimedia and climate control system does not have any logical sequence. Therefore, the cabin will be either loud and hot or quiet and cold.

On the track, the car is not very happy. Due to its small size and lightweight body, the car "sucks" into the air flow of large vehicles passing by. If you “put on” the device in cheap rubber, you cannot avoid an accident.


5 cars that Russian men are afraid of like fire

The first thing that catches your eye when buying a new model is the modest equipment. Which is not typical for cars from China. In the past, they have always broken records for installing many options for a small price.

Although the body and interior are made at a decent level, the car still has significant drawbacks. When buying used cars on the market, first of all, you need to focus on them. Firstly, the suspension elements are made of aluminum alloy. Operating the machine on rough country roads is dangerous for such parts.

The second problem of the "Chinese" is an unprotected and unsecured highway to the bottom. Elements of the brake and fuel systems are constantly wobbling, which leads to their deformation and gust.

So, before jumping into a bargain price, it's worth weighing carefully: are the risks justified? Cheap cars often require small but frequent waste.



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