10 cars that were and still are icons of "cool"


It so happened that in any strata of society, the measure of a person's importance is his clothes. Among motorists, these are, of course, cars. Here are the top ten "beauties" whose owners are considered cool.

Jaguar E-type

10 cars that were and still are icons of "cool"

Top English Roadster opens. In 2021, the wild cat family will celebrate their 60th anniversary. The model combined a unique combination of high speed, elegant design and affordable price.

Throughout the history of the legend, she participated in various car competitions. Including the Le Mans race. A novelty in the automotive industry at the beginning of the 60s was a serious competitor to the leaders of production. The figure that the car gave out corresponded to the limited supercars Ferrari and Aston Martin.

During a test drive, auto correspondents managed to accelerate the model to 242 kilometers per hour. In 1964, an improved version appeared. She received a 4,2-liter engine and a three-speed gearbox. And at the 1971 Geneva auto show. the third series of E-Type was presented to the public. It was equipped with a 5,3-liter V-engine.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

10 cars that were and still are icons of "cool"

The second and third generation of corvettes were produced in the back of a two-door coupe. The C-2 family was also manufactured in the form of a convertible. The American manufacturer has assembled a car with a wide variety of power units with a volume of 5,0 to 7,4 liters.

Thanks to carburetors with three chambers, the internal combustion engine could develop a power of 435 horsepower. In 1963, the manufacturer released a limited edition with a V-8 engine. It was a sports version with four carburetors. The device took off for all 550 horses.

The embodiment of American power was produced from 1963 to 1982. Until now, collectors are ready to pay a large sum for this retro car.

Lamborghini Miura

10 cars that were and still are icons of "cool"

Another icon of "coolness" is a sports car of Italian origin. Years of issue: 1966-73. The model was named after the farm where very ferocious bulls were raised.

Despite the modest size of the "heart" in comparison with contemporaries, the model turned out to be quite powerful. The 12-liter V-3,9 produced 350 horsepower. But thanks to its excellent aerodynamics, the car had a top speed of 288 kilometers per hour.

Younger versions were refined not only externally, which improved aerodynamics. The cars received improved suspension, wider rear wheels and a more reliable gearbox.

Porsche 911

10 cars that were and still are icons of "cool"

Perhaps the most popular brand is a purebred "German" with a symbolic name indicating the promptness of emergency assistance. The model has been produced from 1963 to the present day. According to the manufacturers, in the beginning the number 911 was only the number of the next assembly. However, the model made a splash among motorsport fans. Therefore, the management of the concern decided to leave "intricate" numbers in the name of the model.

A special feature of the sports coupe is the rear-engined layout. In the early history of the automotive industry, rarely did anyone venture into such an experiment. In most cases, cars with powerful rear-mounted motors were not successful.

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

10 cars that were and still are icons of "cool"

Also known by the nickname "gull wing". The model of the German concern, produced in the post-war period. The novelty, presented at the New York Motor Show, stood out from the background of other exhibits. First of all, it was an unusual door opening system.

In terms of technical characteristics, the car was also of interest. Three-liter, six-cylinder power unit with 215 hp. allowed the car to accelerate to 240 kilometers per hour in 8,9 seconds.

The sporty and at the same time street roadster immediately fell in love with sophisticated motorists. Until now, the owner of this oldmobile can be called "cool", because the car was produced before 1963 and is now a rarity.

Ferrari GTO 250

10 cars that were and still are icons of "cool"

Another representative of the icons of style and significance is the Italian vintage car. The model was produced from 1962 to 1964. GTO was created solely for the sake of racing in the class "Gran Turismo".

In 2004, the model was included in the list of the best cars of the 1960s. And according to the Motor Trend Classic magazine, this model is the coolest of all Italian Ferrari cars.


10 cars that were and still are icons of "cool"

The shark, nicknamed "The Batmobile", is another "stallion" that emphasizes the status of its owner. Old cars embody the spirit of independence of the rock 'n' roll generation. And this car is no exception.

The model with a three-liter engine quickly burst into the world of motorsport. In the second half of the seventies, the global auto industry is recovering from the financial crisis. A handsome model with an aggressive disposition wins the Sebring International Raceway, a 12-hour endurance race. For 20 years, no one could repeat this.

Acura NSX

10 cars that were and still are icons of "cool"

Subsidiary sports car Honda - a worthy competitor to American "muscle" cars. The manufacturer uses light metal alloys. Low power (290 horses), comparatively "explosive" gasoline eaters of European analogues, the car turned out to be quite agile. The 3,2-liter unit tore off the car and brought it to hundreds in just 5,9 seconds. The maximum speed is 270 km / h.

Shelby Cobra GT350

10 cars that were and still are icons of "cool"

According to motorists, the coolest car in the world from the American classics is Shebli. Often in films, the model is presented as a standard of style. Carol Shelby has won the right to call her cars Cobra. The peculiarity of the model is that it is still made in the style of racing cars of the 60s. In modern manufacturing facilities, the body is made from carbon fiber.

Dodge Viper GTS

10 cars that were and still are icons of "cool"

Stylish American sports car of the 2nd series GTS looks no different from its predecessor. But the layout is completely different. The power of the car was 456 horsepower. The model was produced from 1996 to 2002.

A cool car for stylish guys - this is how a "muscular" and gluttonous American is positioned in this list. In the last year of the series production, the company released 360 exclusive pieces as the final “commemorative” versions.



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