After the update, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross became a hybrid

The compact SUV Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, introduced in 2017, will be transformed in the first quarter of 2021 a. The company announced that it has radically redesigned the front and rear of the Eclipse. In addition, in addition to the usual versions with internal combustion engines, there will be a variant of the type PHEV (plug-in hybrid). The designers say they have «built on the success» of the Outlander PHEV. But this does not mean that the drive system will be completely copied by Outlander. Still, the 2.4 engine is too big for the Eclipse, and 1.5 or 2.0 would be accurate.

The XR-PHEV (2013) and XR-PHEV II (2015) concepts, which foreshadow the Eclipse Cross itself, are hybrids. But a car with a conventional drive is produced.

Let’s compare the fragments of the teaser and the current SUV. Bumpers, headlights and lights, radiator grille changed. The most radical change can be seen from behind: it seems that the model will say goodbye to its most non-trivial part — the rear window, divided in two. The fifth door will now be normal.

«The new design is inspired by the Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept and emphasizes the strength and dynamism of our SUV heritage. At the same time, it enhances the clarity and elegance of the coupe-like crossover. The Eclipse Cross is the first step towards the next generation of Mitsubishi design, «said Seiji Watanabe, general manager of MMC’s design department.


The Mitsubishi e-Evolution (2017) concept is an electric car showing the general direction of development of the brand’s crossover. The Eclipse will only receive the front and rear optics line. Well, maybe some design elements of the interior.

The Eclipse now has a four-cylinder turbo 1.5 (150 or 163 hp, depending on the market, 250 Nm and 2.2 diesel (148 hp, 388 Nm) in its arsenal. South Africa still has a petrol 2.0 (150 hp, 198 Nm). limited to the explanation “it will be released in some markets.” The Australian publication CarExpert claims that the Green Continent will be one of them.



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